Summer 2017 Workshop - July 20, 2017

Title:  The Oracle Cloud: Let's Get Technical
Theme: Direction Cloud - Oracle,Collier IT, and Meta7 will take you on a journey to Oracle's Cloud, both ONPREM and Public.

When:  July 20, 2017

Where: Veritas Technlogies, LLC, 2815 Cleveland Ave, Roseville, MN 55113






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Sponsored by:Collier IT and Meta7 


8:30-9:00 :  
Registration and Networking
9:00-9:25 :  
Welcoming Remarks
Sponsor Introductions
Speaker Introductions

9:25-9:35 :  
Lightning Presentation "Tone Deaf Oracle and the Cloud" Dan Morgan 
9:35-10:45 :  
Zen and the Art of IaaS Bare Metal Compute - Glen Shok, Channels of Business Development, Oracle Corp.
The session will go over Oracle IaaS Bare Metal Compute and how it can best be utilized by Oracle customers to change the game with time-to-deployment, test/dev, scale-out & scale-in, cost controls and many other interesting topics which have no place in an “on-prem” conversation. The presenter will keep things light & breezy or technical &    breezy, depending on what the audience is looking for, but definitely breezy. Come with a sense of humor and a willingness to let things go into the cloud, man.                             
10:45-11:00 :  
Innovative Oracle Backup and Restore Taken to the Cloud * George Winter, Veritas

Oracle’s Recovery Manager (RMAN) feature is recognized for its rock solid backup and restore functionality.  But Veritas has taken RMAN to a higher, better level.  In this technical session we will talk about new and innovative ways that Veritas engineers have created technologies based on RMAN to improve your Oracle backups. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • How you can stay in control of your Oracle backups but offload the work ofadministering the backup system to the backup administrator
  • If you like your “dump and sweep” you can keep your “dump and sweep”.  We justmake it easier, better, faster and cheaper.
  •  We show you how to get faster Oracle backups while *significantly* reducing the backup load on your database.
  • Instantly restore any protected Oracle database
  • Using the cloud as part of your Oracle data protection strategy?  We’ve got you covered.  We make the cloud easy.  We will show you an easy solution to integrate cloud backups as part of your backup processes.  We will also offer guidance for the suggested methods of utilizing the cloud.
All these features are offered on a hyper converged platform that is pre-configured, pre-tuned and designed specifically for Oracle protection.  Bring your data protection questions and join us in this interactive and informative session.


11:45-Noon :  
SQLcl, the New Kid on the Block * Jorge Rimblas, Consultant, Insum Solutiions

SQLcl is the new modern command line for working with the Oracle database. It can do all the things everyone is used to doing and more.

SQLcl takes advantage of SQL Developer’s scripting engine to deliver a modern command line interface that is backward compatible with SQL*Plus but also introduces new commands and usability enhancements that have been missing for a long time. In this lightning presentation, you'll see a demo showing the new inline editor, query history, aliasing, result formatting, DDL generation, JavaScript support, and other exciting features that set SQLcl apart from its predecessor.

Noon-12:45 :  
12:45-1:00 :  
Client Connections using RAC and SCAN: How it works demo with tcpdump * James Wartnick, DBA, Best Buy

TCPDUMP is a powerful packet analyzer that can be used to dump network traffic and support efforts to troubleshoot client connection to Oracle RAC databases using a SCAN Listener.

1:00-1:45 :  
Oracle Cloud Machine * Brian Bream, Chief Technology Officer, Collier IT

To serve enterprises looking for the cloud’s agility, automation, extensibility, and portability on premises and under their control, Oracle is providing a new family of offerings, called Oracle Cloud at Customer, that place the same hardware, software, and operational services available in its public cloud directly into companies’ data centers, behind their firewalls.  I'll speak of the solution, some of its features and benefits, and how it can address some of the concerns of moving to the cloud.

1:45-2:15 :  
Q&A Session * Bring your questions about Oracle related IT
2:15-3:00 :  
The Cloud Administrator: A Vision for the DBA’s Role in our Cloudy Future * Matthew O'Keefe, VP and Corporate Technologist, Oracle Corporation.

Oracle’s technology and business vision is to automate more and more of the common, day-to-day repetitive and complex database and system tasks performed by DBA’s. Unfortunately, this has left some with the impression that, as Oracle and its customers move towards cloud automation, their roles as Oracle DBA’s are no longer important or relevant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, removing easily automated database management tasks opens up the DBA role to a broader, more impactful set of tasks centered around cloud administration, system security, and information security and management. In this talk we will summarize Oracle’s converged infrastructure and overall cloud strategy, then tie this into the DBA role going forward.

3:00-3:15 :  
3:15-3:45 :  
Infrastructure As Code * Dan Morgan, Principal Advisor, Meta7

In the 1960s apps and data on the mainframe was the standard. Twenty years later, in the 1980s, apps moved to the client and client-server was the primary production architecture. Twenty years, in the 2000s, after that applications came back into the data center with the introduction of n-tier architecture. And as we approach the next 20-year milestone we are on the cusp of n-tier being replaced by Infrastructure As Code. This presentation will focus on that IaC is and why n-tier is likely heading to irrelevancy


3:45-4:00 :  


About the Speakers

Glen Shok, Channels of Business Development, Oracle Corp.
George Winter, Veritas

Jorge Rimblas, Consultant, Insum Solutions
James Wartnick, DBA, Best Buy
Matthew O'Keefe, VP and Corporate Technologist, Oracle Corp.


Daniel Morgan – Principal Advisor, Forsythe Meta7

Oracle ACE Director Alumni Daniel Morgan has been working in IT since 1969 and with Oracle products since the late 1980s beginning with Oracle 6. He is the “Morgan” behind the website and has been speaking at Oracle conferences, worldwide, since 2003.     Morgan’s background includes writing the Oracle curriculum and teaching at the University of Washington for 10 years, lecturing on Oracle at Harvard University and at universities in North and South America, EMEA, and APAC as well as consulting on optimizing Oracle environments with a focus on stability, security, scalability and performance.



Brian Bream – Chief Technology Officer, Collier IT

Brian is the Chief Technology Officer at Collier IT and an Oracle ACE for Systems Technologies  He has over 36 years in the Information Technology field starting in the US Navy in 1981. Although proficient in many technologies his passion has been in the Operating Environment, Engineered Systems, Data Center grade servers, Big Data/Hadoop, and storage. He has been teaching for Sun Microsystems / Oracle since 2000. Brian actively writes a blog and provides formal presentations on various Oracle and related technology topics.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @Snatchbrain