Fall 2013 Quarterly Meeting - (Oct 17, 2013)

During our 2013 Fall Meeting held at Cargill, Kevin Rowley from Collier IT looked at the major features released with 12c. Brock Frank from Oracle covered innovative new features such as Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, Oracle Compression, Automatic Data Optimization and Heat Maps.

Jeff Skochil from Oracle discussed the new multitenant architecture featuring pluggable databases, fast provisioning, cloning, patching and upgrades of databases. Ryan Wieber from Oracle shared his insights on 12c Automatic Data Optimization capabilities, and showed how Heat Maps provides insight into data access and Automatic Data Optimization policies. 


8:30-9:00 :  
Registration and Networking : Breakfast


9:00-9:30 :  
Welcoming Remarks -Lelanie Moll
Introduction from Cargill


9:30-10:15 :  
Oracle 12c New Features - Russ Eberle, Collier IT 


10:15-10:30 :  
Break : Snacks 


10:30-11:30 :  
12c Innovative New Features - Brock Frank, Oracle
Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 and OS8
Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP)
Oracle Advanced Compression (ACO) and/or Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC)
Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) and Heat Maps
11:30-12:30 :  
Break : Lunch
12:30-1:30 :  
Simplify Consolidation with Oracle 12c - Jeff Skochil, Oracle
Oracle Database 12c introduces a new multitenant architecture featuring pluggable databases that allows you to manage many databases as one by simplifying database consolidation on the cloud. It fully complements proven database technologies such as Real Application Clusters, and offers all the benefits of schema consolidation including better resource utilization and scalability, but without the need to change existing applications. In addition, Oracle Database 12c also offers very fast provisioning and cloning of databases, rapid database patching and upgrades, and secure isolation of data. During this session, we'll examine use cases and benefits of this new multitenant architecture in detail.
1:30-1:45 :  
Break : Snacks
1:45-2:45 :  
Automate Information Lifecycle Management with Oracle 12c - Ryan Wieber, Oracle
Oracle Database 12c introduces Automatic Data Optimization capabilities that allow organizations to use policy-based management to automate data compression and movement with minimal administration. In this session you’ll learn how Heat Maps provides deep insight into how your data is accessed by users and applications to trigger Automatic Data Optimization policies that reduce the costs associated with storing and managing more data, while improving database performance.
2:45-3:15 :  
Giveaways and Prizes


About the Speakers

Russ Eberle - Database Solutions Architect, Collier IT
Russ is a Database Solutions Architect with Collier IT
Brock Frank - Senior Principal Consultant, Oracle
Brock is an accomplished result driven Senior Principal Consultant with extensive project management, e-Business applications development, BI technical architecture, technical support, and network administration history. Brock has many years of Oracle Applications and Database development/architecture experience adds tremendous value. Has POV’d and implemented several Exadata V1 and V2 Infrastructures including complete backup solutions with complete Oracle Stack. Brock has a proven track record for effectively defining project requirements, strategizing creative technical solutions, and facilitating timely project execution. He is a vision-oriented professional with solid reputation for architecting and managing Oracle and other technologies. Brock is known to be a detail oriented coordinator, administrator respected for rapidly adapting to plan changes and strategizing/implementing highly efficient process management systems and applications. He is very personable and a skillful communicator respected for building and maintaining collaborative professional relationships, leading interdisciplinary technical teams, and promoting project innovation, ownership, and accountability. Brock has more than 17 years of Oracle working experience.
Jeff Skochil - Master Principal Technology Solutions Architect, Oracle
As an Oracle customer since 1982, Jeff has worked with the Oracle Database engine and development environments beginning with Oracle version 4. He has experience as a developer, DBA and technical integration architect. Jeff began his career at Cray Research in Wisconsin and has worked at Deluxe Corporation and Best Buy in Minnesota. He choreographs business, technical and people resources with tight time schedules, budgets and layers of technical and political complexity, all from a deep Retail perspective. Joining Oracle in 2004, Jeff’s primary focus is in assisting customers in crafting Oracle solutions to business challenges. His technical specialty and passion is Oracle Grid, RAC and Oracle Exadata technology. Jeff has been an adjunct professor for the University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Software specializing in Database Management Systems and Design. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Software Engineering.
Ryan Wieber - Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle
Ryan has a diverse background in application development, data warehousing and database administration. He has worked as both a consultant and full time staff member at local companies such as Boston Scientific, Thomson Reuters, Best Buy and Prime Therapeutics. He has a passion for VLDBs and Big Data. Ryan joined Oracle in 2012 as database sales consultant.