Winter 2016 Quarterly Workshop - January 28

The 2016 Winter Workshop was held at the Eagan Community Center for our TCOUG Winter Workshop, focused on Oracle Performance Tuning and Development. We had a good turn out and a great session.

Terry Koch gave us some insights into Sqoop, Lee Diamante shared insights into various Oracle hardware appliances and performance improvements, and Dan Morgan gave us some great tips and tricks for INSERTs and Oracle 12c architecture/administrative changes.

When: January 28, 2016

Where: Community Center - City of Eagan


8:30-9:00 :  
Registration and Networking


9:00-9:30 :  
Welcoming Remarks: Dave Rodriguez, President TCOUG


Board Elections for the following Positions:  President, Special Projects Coordinator, Communications Director and Secretary


9:30-10:15 :  
Data Transfer Between the Oracle Database and Hadoop: Terry Koch, Collier IT


10:15-10:30 :  



10:30-11:30 :  
Optimizing Oracle Database Stability and Performance with the Right Hardware: Lee Diamante, Meta7


11:30-12:30 :  
Break : Lunch


12:30-1:45 :  
Oracle INSERT Statements for DBAs and Developers: Dan Morgan, Meta7


1:45-2:00 :  
2:00-3:00 :  
Database 12c Gotchas: Dan Morgan, Meta7


3:00-3:15 :  
Giveaways and Prizes


About the Speakers

Terry Koch - Sr Engineer, Collier IT

Terry has more than 25 years experience architecting, developing, and implementing enterprise software, focusing in different periods on Java development, Oracle Database, and Hadoop. Terry specializes in working with enterprises adopting new technologies to accomplish business goals, whether that involves saving money or increasing revenue.

Prior to joining Collier IT, Terry spent the last nine years at Cloudera and Oracle. He continues to actively support the Oracle community, and the TCOUG in particular.


Dan Morgan - Oracle ACE Director, Meta7
Daniel Morgan is an Oracle ACE Director specializing in core Oracle Database and GoldenGate with more than 25 years experience working with Oracle products. He wrote the Oracle curriculum for the University of Washington, and was the program’s primary instructor for 10 years. He is also the "Morgan" behind the website. Mr. Morgan is also co-founder of the International GoldenGate Oracle Users Group.


Lee Diamante - Solution Architect, Meta7

Lee has more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing solutions for Oracle environments from storage through middleware. He specializes in applying the right combination of hardware, software, services, and processes to each customer’s unique situation rather than pushing toward a specific product. His broad knowledge and expertise with Oracle environments has been essential to the planning, design, and delivery of projects across industries for consolidation, virtualization, and migrations; high availability and business continuity; integration of new features and technologies; and license optimization.

Prior to joining Forsythe, Lee spent ten years with Sun Microsystems.