Summer 2016 Workshop - July 27, 2016

Theme: High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

When: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Special thanks to Thomson Reuters in Eagan who did an excellent job again hosting our TCOUG Summer Workshop, focused on High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

We discovered how corporations and industry experts deal with redundancy, received insight into their failover strategies, and learned how they take advantage of Cloud solutions and other components such as DataGuard Broker, Flex Clusters and Big Data repositories.


8:30-9:00 :  
Registration and Networking

9:00-9:30 :  
Welcoming Remarks: Madhu Reddy, Vice President TCOUG


Introduction and Demo from Host, Thomson Reuters


Sponsor Introduction (Collier-IT, Kaminario, Dell Software)

9:30-10:30 :  
Fast Start Failover using DataGuard: Boris Belous, Thomson Reuters

Fast Start Failover, which can be used with the DataGuard Broker in place, allows the Broker to automatically fail over to a previously chosen standby database in the event of a predefined failure on the primary database. Fast-start failover transitions the role of the target standby database to the primary database, without requiring the DBA to perform any manual steps to invoke the failover. This presentation delves into the intricacies of the setup and configuration, the tests we did, the observations we made and the conclusions we reached.

10:30-10:45 :  

10:45-11:45 :  
Oracle RAC Flex Clusters: David Paschall-Zimbel, Collier-IT
  • Flex Cluster Architecture
  • Configuring Flex Clusters
  • Installing and administering Flex Clusters

11:45-1:00 :  
Break: Lunch

1:00-2:00 :  
Ever changing world of Backup/DR as it relates to infrastructure changes as well as navigating the cloud: Brock Frank, Oracle
  • On_prem solutions
  • Cloud solutions

2:00-2:15 :  

2:15-3:15 : 
Active/Active HA & DR for critical databases & taking advantage of Big Data repositories & cloud using Dell’s SharePlex: Susan Wong, Dell Software Group
  • Implement reliable high availability and disaster recovery
  • Replicate to and from the cloud
  • Perform Zero IMPACT migrations and upgrades to Oracle 12c, including patches (when needed)
  • Ensure data accuracy with in-flight data integrity and automated compare and synchronize utilities
  • Replicate to Hadoop, Kafka, Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS), Teradata, HANA

3:15-3:30 : 
Giveaways and Prizes


About the Speakers

Boris Belous - Associate Architect, Thomson Reuters

Currently: Associate Architect at Thomson Reuters

Prior Roles at Thomson Reuters: Senior DBA, Lead DBA.

Prior to Thomson Reuters: Lead DBA at Xerox / Tobin & Associates

Prior roles: Systems and Compliance Analyst at Bonadio & Co, LLP

Current focus areas: Relational Databases, Replication and HA, Multitenancy, Security, Cloud and “as-a-Service” technologies and processes.


David Paschall-Zimbel - Sr. Technical Consultant, Collier-IT

Currently: Sr. Technical Consultant at Collier-IT

Expert in all things Oracle database, Oracle engineered systems, Solaris operating system, networking systems, IBM systems, Security and Cloudera Hadoop

He is also a technical instructor for Oracle and Cloudera @Collier-IT.

Brock Frank - Master Principal Engineer, Oracle

Brock is an accomplished result driven Master Principal Engineer with extensive project management, e-Business applications development, BI technical architecture, technical support, and network administration history. Brock has many years of Oracle Applications and Database development/architecture experience adds tremendous value. Has POV’d and implemented many Exadata Infrastructures including complete backup solutions with complete Red Stack. Brock has a proven track record for effectively defining project requirements, strategizing creative technical solutions, and facilitating timely project execution.  He is a vision-oriented professional with solid reputation for architecting and managing Oracle and other technologies.  

Brock is known to be a detail oriented coordinator, administrator respected for rapidly adapting to plan changes and strategizing/implementing highly efficient process management systems and applications.  He is very personable and a skillful communicator respected for building and maintaining collaborative professional relationships, leading interdisciplinary technical teams, and promoting project innovation, ownership, and accountability. Brock has more than 20 years of Oracle working experience.


Susan Wong - Solutions Architect, Dell Software

Susan Wong has been a Solutions Architect supporting Business Continuity and Oracle performance management and tuning for 16 years. She has performed numerous consulting engagements of configurations including high availability, reporting, and migrations, and has been ensuring companies meet their Oracle database availability since Oracle 7x.

Prior to Dell Software Group, Susan worked as a Mechanical Engineer at Fluor Daniel and subsequently managed the CAD solutions and database teams. Susan has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA.