Fall 2016 Quarterly Workshop - October 5

Please join the Twin Cities Oracle Users Group at Starkey in Eden Prairie for our TCOUG Fall Workshop, focused on Management and Performance.

We will explore the new capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c and discuss how it can be leveraged for implementing an Oracle DBaaS Private Cloud, look into best practices for implementing Oracle databases on Flash, and provide an introduction to the Oracle Database Appliance.

Click here for a detailed agenda.


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 Previous Workshop - Summer 2016

High Availability and Disaster Recovery  We discovered how corporations and industry experts deal with redundancy, received insight into their failover strategies, and learned how they take advantage of Cloud solutions and other components such as DataGuard Broker, Flex Clusters and Big Data repositories.


Past Workshops

Workshop Topic Date
Summer 2016 High Availability and Disaster Recovery. 7/27/2016
Spring 2016 Database Security. 4/21/2016
Winter 2016 Performance and Development. 1/28/2016
Fall 2015 Technologies Found in the Modern Data Warehouse. 10/15/2015
Summer 2015 Infrastructure Considerations and More. 7/23/2015
Spring 2015 Oracle 12c & DevOps, from the experts: Tom Kyte and Tim Gorman. 4/16/2015
Winter 2015 Making peace with Virtualization 1/29/2015
Fall 2014 OpenWorld 2014, and Oracle Database 12c 11/12/2014
Summer 2014 Modern Trends for Database Adminstrators 7/24/2014
Spring 2014 Database Security 4/17/2014
Winter 2014 Oracle High Availability 1/16/2014
Fall 2013 Oracle 12c 10/17/2013
Summer 2013 Database Performance and Enterprise Manager 07/25/2013
Spring 2013 Database Cloud 4/25/2013
Winter 2013 High Availability 1/17/2013
Fall 2012 Performance Tuning 11/12/2012
Summer 2012 Big Data 7/26/2012
Spring 2012 Virtualization 4/12/2012
Winter 2012 Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure 1/19/2012
Fall 2011 Business Intelligence and Database Compression 10/27/2011
Summer 2011 Database Development 7/27/2011
Spring 2011 Database Performance Tuning 4/21/2011