Summer 2017 Quarterly Workshop - July 20,2017

Please join the Twin Cities Oracle Users Group at Veritas in Roseville for our TCOUG Summer Workshop.

Glen Shok, George Winter, Jorge Rimblas, James Wartnick, Brian Bream and Dan Morgan, will host our Summerworkshop with a journey to Oracle's Cloud, both ONPREM and Public. Topics include:

  • Zen and the Art of IaaS Bare Metal
  • Innovative Oracle Backup and Restore Taken to the Cloud
  • SQLcl, the New Kid on the Block
  • Client Connectiions using RAC and SCAN: How it works demo with tcpdump
  • Oracle Cloud Machine
  • The Cloud Administrator: A Vision for the DBA's Role in our Cloudy Future
  • Infrastructure as Code

The full, detailed agenda available here.


Special thanks to the sponsors of our Spring Workshop:


Previous Workshop - Spring 2017

Oracle 12c Multitenant features and direction

Oracle 12c multitenant allows for simplified consolidation utilizing container and pluggable databases. Our guests spoke on some of the features and future direction of this exciting technology.

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Winter 2012 Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure 01/19/2012
Fall 2011 Business Intelligence and Database Compression 10/27/2011
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