Upcoming Workshop - Winter 2015

Please join the Twin Cities Oracle Users Group at the Community Center - City of Eagan on January 29, 2015 for our TCOUG Winter Workshop. We hope to separate the “myths” from the “truths” about running Oracle in a Virtualized environment.

Come hear Charles Kim - Founder of Viscosity N.A and Oracle ACE Director speak about Oracle on VMWare and Danny Dunn from CISCO will discuss the current state of virtualization paradigms for the Oracle database. Tom McCaffrey will also lead a demonstration of a Kroll Ontrack developed table recovery tool for MSSQL and MySQL. James Dean from Oracle will do a review of the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance module.

As always, attendees will receive free lunch and fantastic give-aways from our sponsors.

Detailed Agenda here.

Special thanks to the sponsors of our Winter workshop:



Previous Workshop

OpenWorld 2014, and Oracle Database 12c  Capella University hosted our last workshop for 2014 which featured a variety of topics including the highlights of OpenWorld 2014. Todd Sheetz and Mark Weber from Oracle highlighted the best of OpenWorld 2014, and one of our board members, Scott Walters talked about interesting features of Oracle Database 12c. Brock Frank from Oracle shared his experience in a 'Day in the Life of a DBA.'

Past Workshops

Workshop Topic Date
Fall 2014 OpenWorld 2014, and Oracle Database 12c 11/12/2014
Summer 2014 Modern Trends for Database Adminstrators 7/24/2014
Spring 2014 Database Security 4/17/2014
Winter 2014 Oracle High Availability 1/16/2014
Fall 2013 Oracle 12c 10/17/2013
Summer 2013 Database Performance and Enterprise Manager 07/25/2013
Spring 2013 Database Cloud 4/25/2013
Winter 2013 High Availability 1/17/2013
Fall 2012 Performance Tuning 11/12/2012
Summer 2012 Big Data 7/26/2012
Spring 2012 Virtualization 4/12/2012
Winter 2012 Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure 1/19/2012
Fall 2011 Business Intelligence and Database Compression 10/27/2011
Summer 2011 Database Development 7/27/2011
Spring 2011 Database Performance Tuning 4/21/2011