Upcoming Workshop - Fall 2015

Title: Technologies Found in the Modern Data Warehouse

When: October 15, 2015

Dan Morgan from Meta7 will position Golden Gate as a tool for Oracle DBAs, as well as share a non-SQL approach to Oracle performance Tuning. We also have two presenters from Oracle: James Valleley will cover Big Data/NoSQL with Oracle and Mark Weber will shine the spotlight on What’s New with Oracle Cloud.

As always, attendees will receive free lunch and fantastic give-aways from our sponsors.

Detailed Agenda here.

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Previous Workshop - Summer2015

Infrastructure Considerations and More Topics covered were Cisco Data Virtualization, Best Practices for Backups (Matt Lemos & Shelly Zavoral from Oracle) and Scott Walters from Capella University shared An Upgrade Story: Lessons learned, tips and tricks and no surprises.


Past Workshops

Workshop Topic Date
Summer 2015 Infrastructure Considerations and More. 7/23/2015
Spring 2015 Oracle 12c & DevOps, from the experts: Tom Kyte and Tim Gorman. 4/16/2015
Winter 2015 Making peace with Virtualization 1/29/2015
Fall 2014 OpenWorld 2014, and Oracle Database 12c 11/12/2014
Summer 2014 Modern Trends for Database Adminstrators 7/24/2014
Spring 2014 Database Security 4/17/2014
Winter 2014 Oracle High Availability 1/16/2014
Fall 2013 Oracle 12c 10/17/2013
Summer 2013 Database Performance and Enterprise Manager 07/25/2013
Spring 2013 Database Cloud 4/25/2013
Winter 2013 High Availability 1/17/2013
Fall 2012 Performance Tuning 11/12/2012
Summer 2012 Big Data 7/26/2012
Spring 2012 Virtualization 4/12/2012
Winter 2012 Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure 1/19/2012
Fall 2011 Business Intelligence and Database Compression 10/27/2011
Summer 2011 Database Development 7/27/2011
Spring 2011 Database Performance Tuning 4/21/2011