Upcoming Workshop - Fall 2014

Please plan on joining us on November 12 as Capella University hosts our Fall workshop. We are still finalizing our lineup and speakers, more information about the workshop will be posted as soon as possible

Previous Workshop

Modern Trends for Database Adminstrators:  Our Summer Workshop held on  July 24 at Thomson Reuters highlighted Database as a Service. Our lineup included Karthik Kanwar from Oracle, Andy Wattenhofer from the University of Minnesota, Boris Belous from Thomson and Najam Qureshi from Mythics.

Past Workshops

Workshop Topic Date
Summer 2014 Modern Trends for Database Adminstrators 7/24/2014
Spring 2014 Database Security 4/17/2014
Winter 2014 Oracle High Availability 1/16/2014
Fall 2013 Oracle 12c 10/17/2013
Summer 2013 Database Performance and Enterprise Manager 07/25/2013
Spring 2013 Database Cloud 4/25/2013
Winter 2013 High Availability 1/17/2013
Fall 2012 Performance Tuning 11/12/2012
Summer 2012 Big Data 7/26/2012
Spring 2012 Virtualization 4/12/2012
Winter 2012 Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure 1/19/2012
Fall 2011 Business Intelligence and Database Compression 10/27/2011
Summer 2011 Database Development 7/27/2011
Spring 2011 Database Performance Tuning 4/21/2011