Database Security

With the data breach at several major corporations still fresh in our minds, security is top of mind for every IT professional, especially DBAs. We all wear many hats to ensure our database operate as expected. Availability, Recoverability and Security are the core tenants we live by. The Winter meeting focused on High Availablity. The next TCOUG Meeting will focus on Security, specifically access management with Oracle IAM, Enterprise User Security and Oracle Advanced Security.

The first session will review the most common types of enterprise attacks, from the clients on the outside, through the middleware, and concluding with the sensitive data that is the ultimate target of people with bad intentions. We will dissect stories from the headlines, explain what really happened, and how their bad outcomes could have been prevented.

We will examine how compliance and security go hand in hand to satisfy legal and corporate requirements, and keep auditors and their penalties at bay. We’ll also discuss best practices for leveraging Active Directory to manage access for DBAs, as well as providing password reset and single sign-on across large numbers of databases.

Finally, we'll take a look at security at the data level; specifically Oracle's Advanced Security option. If security of your organization's data at rest and in-flight is a priority, ASO is a must have.

The day will wrap up with give-aways and prizes from our sponsors; Dell, Pure Storage, One Neck IT Solutions and Collier IT.


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